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The 2016 Kim Flavelle Memorial Shield.

The Kim Flavelle Memorial Shield was donated by Boyd and Elizabeth Flavelle for a Junior Dressage Champion, in memory of their daughter.

In 2016 NAGS is holding the Shield event in conjunction with the Sunshine Coast Dressage Championships, a two-star event held at the Nambour Showgrounds 24-25 September. The Shield will be awarded to the winner of the Novice 2.1 class held during the Championships (a copy of the test can be found on the Equestrian Qld website here). It will be held as an unofficial class.

Riders are NOT required to be NAGS or EA members to participate – the nomination fee ($25) will cover a one-day NAGS membership for insurance purposes.

To participate riders must:

  • Be under 18 years of age on 24 September 2016
  • Wear a white shirt with tie or stock (jackets optional)
  • Wear white or light coloured jodhpurs
  • Wear EA compliant boots and helmet

Appropriate gear for the event will include:

  • A white saddle cloth
  • A whip &/or spurs that comply with EA National Dressage rules may be used
  • As per EA rules, a small presence of ‘sparkle’ is acceptable (ie on a brow band or a helmet) but glitter on the horse’s coat or mane/tail is not allowed.

Entries are now open via (NAGS only accepts online entries).

Information flyer here for you: NAGS Mem Shield FLYER FINAL

Nambour Large Animal Rescue Workshop


A specialised Equine Emergency Rescue Course was conducted at Nambour Showgrounds recently.  Local Fire and Rescue vehicles and crews attended the workshop along with 30 other interested people involved in equestrian activities from Maryborough to Brisbane.

The Large Animal Rescue Workshop was presented by Qld Horse Council  and  “Equine Emergency Rescue” author  MaryAnne Leighton.   MaryAnne shared her vast experience about the emergency rescue systems which have been developed in the Uk and USA over the past 20 years.  Some very provocative footage was shown of badly managed rescue attempts, many of which ended tragically for the  animals depicted which included horses, camels, cattle and elephants.

The presenters brought a life-size horse mannequin which was used to demonstrate safe lifting and movement techniques using specialised but very simple equipment which has been proven to be effective when used correctly.   Everyone present was deeply moved by the scenarios presented, and the practical common-sense approach to some very dangerous and challenging situations proved enlightening and extremely valuable information for professional rescue officers and general public attendees alike.  The workshop was organised by Lois Wattis from Northcoast Active-Riders Group Inc

For more information about “Large Animal Rescue Workshops” contact Qld Horse Council Large Animal Rescue Education via


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