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NAGs 2017 Committee Members

Executive Committee

President: Lisa Hayes

Vice-President: Madeline Horne

Secretary: Peta Conwell 

Treasurer: Nicole Bochow

 2017 Committee Members

Sharon Laxton, Linda Kretchmar, Sally Devlin, Trudy Harvey

Delegates Positions

Webmaster and Facebook Admin – Jo Russell

Newsletter Editor – Lois Watts

Membership Coordinator – Linda Kretchmar

Events Co-ordinators –  Madeline Horne, Nicole Jolly, Jo Russell

Event Day Co-ordinator – Jo Russell

Stables/Yards Co-ordinator  – Janet Hanslo, Linda Kretchmar

Scorer – Tarryn Richardson

Clipboards Co-ordinator – Alison Burke

Judges Co-ordinator – Sue Bright

Events Writers – Dereley Powter

Leaderboards Co-ordinator – Brittany Anning

Publicity Officer,Prizes and Awards Co-ordinator  – Gail McCane

Clinics Co-ordinator – Sally Devlin

Council Representative, Grounds & Arenas Co-ordinatorMadeline Horne



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